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Asha’s work is fiercely contemporary it concerns real people in the real world and is already beginning

to contribute meaningfully to the fields of art therapy and contemporary art practice’ 

welcome to my

artistic voice


asha munn

art therapist & artist



I am an art therapist and psychotherapist I am able to provide art therapy to people with various emotional needs.

art therapist


I am an artist I am able to take on commissions, develop creative concepts and work to brief.




Creativity and its impact intrigue me and I constantly search for alternative ways of combining my practice as an Artist, Art Psychotherapist, and Artist Researcher. 


I love working with people who need a little bit of additional help in life. I’ve spent years doing award-winning creative projects with children and adolescents who experience trauma and have difficult lives. My training means that I am able to work with many people who might experience a variety of needs. I have additional experience and interest in trauma, pregnancy loss and art therapy in the workplace. As co-founder of Creative collaborative, I also work on various creative research development and evaluation projects and national arts strategies.

I bring art therapy and creative experiences to many different environments and enjoy spaces that respond to the people I work with. Themes of identity and home are important to me because they are consistently revisited by the people that I work with. I am particularly interested that meaningful therapeutic opportunities may exist in a variety of perhaps previously unconsidered places. 


I often work with galleries including the internationally renowned Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Where my exhibition Fly Away Home is currently exhibited on long term loan. 



I am a registered practicing art psychotherapist and a graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts. A Northland (NZ) born multitasker I am also an artist, photographer, consultant, and educator. My career as an artist and in socially engaged art has spanned the last seventeen years. I am a published book designer and author.


I am employed as an art psychotherapist for Waitemata DHB and as a restorative justice facilitator for Auckland Restorative Justice Trust. I am accredited to work with domestic violence and I offer professional supervision. Additionally, I advise on the Whitecliffe Arts Therapy Masters course where I also both guest lecture and supervise students.



Dr Shane Reti (QSM)

Asha easily bridges cross cultural and cross generational divides with a calm comfort 

that lends itself to reassurance and experience. Put simply, Asha understands the health needs of NZers’

You have a natural talent for this type of work. One that is rare and that we have not seen before’ 


 Programme Director - Art Therapy Northern Programme. UK

Asha’s work is fiercely contemporary. It concerns real people in the real world and is already beginning to contribute meaningfully to the fields of art psychotherapy and contemporary art practice’  

‘I am incredibly grateful for the difference Asha has made to the young people’s lives who have been lucky enough to work with her’ 

 Senior Curator - Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Dr Chris Wood

Bobby Lloyd

Dr Helen Pheby



I would love to

hear from you

0064 22 510 2201

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