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About art therapy

Where words fail  


My vision is to provide a safe place to use art to make a change.  I do this by enabling those I work with to find an outlet for often complex and confusing emotions that cannot be expressed verbally. To make change and foster within themselves self-awareness and growth.


I believe in spending time in places and spaces that are relevant to those I work with. This helps me to understand more about real world difficulties and take the time to notice not only the big things but also the small things that can really affect people's lives. I hope that this makes me a more grounded art therapist. To achieve this, I work with both individuals and groups and in many settings. Such as in private practice,  the community, as a supervisor and I am also employed as an art psychotherapist at Waitemata District Health Board (NZ).


Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where art materials are used to express and explore feelings and thoughts in a safe and supportive environment.  Art therapy helps to express things that are difficult to talk about. Many people I work with feel socially excluded and they may have difficulties in their lives that become increasingly hard to live with. I work alongside people to find ways to make changes and live better lives. Art therapy will help people express themselves and understand themselves and their troubles better.



Art making in a therapeutic relationship can help to give voice to things that may feel unspeakable Art therapy can help many people with a range of difficultiesArt therapy offers a sense of control when things feel unmanageable and chaotic. By making what is often intangible tangible, art therapy offers a way to make sense of things that feel nonsensical. 




Experiences in art therapy can translate into other areas of life and can become powerful in making positive change. I work together with people to understand the creative process and the art that is made. Art therapy removes the pressure of words and often if preferred, sessions can happen in silence. The art is used to consider emotional issues and difficulties. Art therapy can support a deeper understanding of feelings and help us to think together about the cause of the feelings, finding ways to cope with them.


You do not need to have any artistic skill or previous experience of art to find art therapy helpful. Art therapy is not an art lesson, though the sessions can be fun and people are likely to learn more about art.




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